Signs That You Need an Air Conditioning Repair in Pensacola, Fl.

A man and woman try to cool off in front of a fan


With the hot summer months coming up on us, the most important thing you can maintain in your Pensacola home is a reliable air conditioning unit. There are many reasons your AC unit may not always be working at its best:

  • Units Age
  • Overuse/straining
  • Poor maintenance/not getting annual check ups
  • Improper installation


You may not be able to prevent all of these issues from affecting your AC, but you can fix any that arise with a professional air conditioning repair in Pensacola from Air Design. Any AC Repair expert worth his salt will be able to identify and rectify any issues affecting your AC, allowing you to enjoy a cool summer in your home.

To prevent small issues from developing into more serious issues that can cost you a pretty penny, you’ll need to get an annual check-up and bi-annual maintenance. You may want to get in touch with local firms that specialize in maintenance tasks (learn more here). In addition to that, you’ll want to catch minor issues before they become major, To do that, you simply need to look out for a few common signs that tell you something’s not right with your air conditioning:


Above normal Energy Costs

If you notice your bill creeping up higher and higher by the month there is probably a reason. Don’t get me wrong, you’re sure to notice some fluctuations in your energy costs but only slight ones. If you notice that your energy bills have steadily and dramatically increased, you may need to have your AC unit checked out by a Pensacola HVAC Repair Expert. An unattended unit is an inefficient unit and, in turn, raises your bill.


Not keeping the room cool

If your kids are complaining that its hot in their rooms but it is cold in the living room you may have an issue. As you walk through your home you should not feel different temperatures in different rooms. If you notice that the cooling throughout your home has become inconsistent, you need to call an air conditioning repair since it’s clear something isn’t working as it should.


Water around the Unit

If your unit is struggling you may notice water around it. This water could be a warning sign of a freon leak or blockage. In either case, you’re going to want to call 202-Cool for air conditioning repair.


Unusual Sounds coming from unit

A properly working air conditioning unit should make very minimal noise as it operates. Usually a blowing or winding sound but no clanking. If a unit is suffering from wear and tear is likely to grind and make other loud, noticeable noises. When you notice this change in your AC unit, you need to call a Pensacola air conditioning repair expert like Air Design.