Ways to keep your home smelling fresh naturally


Everyone loves walking into their home and smelling the fresh scents of vanilla, lavender, or citrus. Most people use plug-ins that emit the scent of their choice, but these can be polluting to your air. We have several ways for you to get that sweet-smelling air without polluting your lungs.

Essential Oils

When you dab a few drops of essential oils on your filter it helps circulate that scent throughout the entire home.

Simmer Pot

On your stove bring a pot of water to a boil and add in cut-up oranges or lemons along with cinnamon sticks and herbs of your choosing. As these simmer on the stove, they will release all of those scents into the air and circulate throughout your home. Turning on a fan in a nearby room can help this make its way through the entire home.

Baking Vanilla

If your goal is to make your home smell like the comforting smell of baked cookies, then adding a few drops of vanilla extract to a bowl and placing in the oven on a low temp will achieve this.

To remove bad smells from your home

There are many ways to remove bad odors before refreshing your home with the good smells above.

A bowl of white vinegar

Without using chemicals, you can also remove bad smells from your home such as pet odor or a burnt smell that is lingering by adding a bowl of white vinegar to the room. Let it sit overnight and it will absorb much of the smell from the air.

Alcohol Spray

Add 1 part alcohol, 1 part fabric softener to 3 parts hot water and add a few drops of essential oils to bottle. Then spray down curtains and couches with this mixture to naturalize the odors.

Air Purifiers

Smaller stand-alone air purifiers work very well especially if they are using HEPA-rated filters. These work great in smaller rooms such as a child’s room who has allergies.

If you are looking for a deeper clean give Air Design a call at 202-cool and we can do a full duct cleaning and get your air quality under control.