What could be Causing Your Florida Commercial Air Conditioning System to Leak?

An HVAC technician diagnoses a commercial HVAC unit leak


When your commercial HVAC system begins to leak, you could start experiencing a number of other problems. In this blog, we will touch on some common causes of leaking. Which can help you keep your commercial air conditioning running longer which is very important for a Florida business.


You could have a Clogged Condensation Drain Line

When you have a clogged condensation line it can result in a buildup of the condensation in the commercial air conditioning system. This extra condensation can start to leak from various components of your AC system, the vents can be one of the most common. When you find a leak, you need to check your condensation line.


Is it a Refrigeration Leak

Not all leaks are as obvious as water spilling out of your vents. Sometimes, that moisture you see may actually be refrigerant, which is a dangerous product to be exposed to. This type of leak can occur when you get a break in a refrigeration line. You’ll want to act quickly on this problem and get a professional commercial refrigeration repair company out to fix the issue promptly, since exposure to refrigerant can cause several health issues.


Is it a Roof Leak

The most common leaks will be from our vents, but not all of those leaks will derive from air conditioning issues. Some leaks may actually be a product of a roofing problem. If you have checked your HVAC system inside and out and found nothing, you should look up on your roof for other issues.


Check for Dirty Air Filter

When your air conditioning unit’s air filter becomes dirty and clogged, it will not allow your commercial AC to get the ventilation it needs to properly cool the air. This clog and lack of air flow can lead to your HVAC system freezing up. To avoid this problem, you will need to keep an eye on your air filter and make sure it stays clean.


Not sure what’s causing your businesses commercial air conditioning setup to leak? Don’t let it continue and suffer in a hot workspace. Instead, call Air Design today at 202-COOL. Our Florida commercial air conditioning company can solve any leaking issue you may have.